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By coming here, you will be amongst the very first to find out how 8Way programmes are changing the way that people in the Americas, Africa, Asia, Australasia and Europe prevent those things in life that can stop us being how we would like to be.

Our catalogue of programmes, the result of 7 years of research, opens up between February and June 2016.

Why are our programmes so different?

We use 8 methodologies to help you be the way you want to be.

That means:
being the weight that you want to be
not worrying about your memory failing you
getting better sleep
being much less susceptible to mood changes
If you are a health professional, it also means a unique programme to support you.

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 Size and weight correction - one of the most researched programmes anywhere

 Dementia and Impaired Memory Prevention - a programme for everyone over 45

 Sleep Support - for people who feel they should be getting better quality sleep than they do - we will prove them right!

 Mood Support - help when you feel your moods change more often and more deeply than you’d like

 Special programmes to maintain the health, wellbeing and cognitive coping of health professionals

 Stress in Pregnancy

Huge amounts of research shows that the stress hormone cortisol crosses the placenta and affects the baby’s moods and behaviour from birth right through to adulthood. So it’s important to lower stress in pregnant women and their families. Select this option if you are pregnant, considering pregnancy or know someone who would benefit from a programme specially for pregnant women and their families.